Are you paying too much to sell your home?

Are you paying too much to sell your home?

Why does it cost $60,000 to sell one home, and $15,000 to sell another?

The more expensive your home is, the more money your agent and their brokerage earns in commissions.  That’s because real estate commissions are generally based on a percentage of the sales price.

That means a $1 million home can pay the agents involved up to $60,000.  Even though the same marketing and paperwork is generally involved in selling the home no matter the value, homes of lessor value pay significantly less to the agent.

That begs the question, is the commission percentage fair?  The truth is that commissions may be priced a little to high, especially for higher priced homes.  And it also depends on the market.  If you’re in a hot market and homes are selling quickly, it’s probably best to suggest a lower commission.


So here’s a little background of how we got started and why we offer better deals to our clients…. enjoy!

Years ago, my team and I began working with investors – we only charged them 1% 

The reason we decided to discount was simple… our investors could limit their fees.  Thus, maximizing their profits.  Makes sense right?

And as time goes on, we are starting to notice a demand in our local neighborhoods for these same favorable rates.  No longer is it only savvy investors that are seeking these deals.

I’m reminded of one family in particular…  They came to me with a genuine need to save as much money as possible through the sale of their home.  Their goal was to budget an extra $20,000 for the care of their aging parents.

We did the deal, and this extra cash created the peace of mind that my client’s parents would be properly cared for without the family needing to tap into their retirement.  “What a relief.”

Needless to say, it’s your RIGHT to want to save as much as possible… After all, real estate commissions are always NEGOTIABLE.  Please remember that.


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  1. Wow, if your special offer still stands, please contact me at the email that I provided on this form, thank you!

    1. Yes, offer still stands… left you an email and feel free to call me directly. Thanks

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