Imagine You Are the Broker

Imagine You Are the Broker

You have 50 agents in your office and you drive a hard bargain.  You get a percentage of every deal, sometimes earning almost half of what your agents bring in.

Because you want to maximize profits, your agents are not allowed to make “deals” with their clients.  Why?

You put a non-negotiable limit on your agent’s ability to make a deal…

Two reasons for these limits come to mind (1) you want to keep profits high and (2) if agents didn’t have commission guidelines then they would be under-bidding each other for clients.

So instead of providing great rates, agents are forced to create value in different ways.  This can be a good thing.  But, mostly the real difference between agents is their ability to market and sell to you.  You’ll notice in almost every advertisement that an agent or broker creates that they’ll discuss most everything but their fee structure is not a topic for discussion.

The truth:

The truth is that you now have lots of power in the client-agent relationship.  This comes from being able to search online.  Moreover, you can research and guide your home buying & selling experience in ways that weren’t available just a few years ago.

So you’re not dependent, and that’s a great thing!  But let’s not get too carried away either.  The real truth is that agents make you money, and in the case of our brokerage, we make AND SAVE you money.

We’re the best of both worlds.  We’re not a large data company with often changing policies and no real personal connection with our service providers.  We’re also not a large franchised brokerage that forces commission guidelines onto all of our associates.  What separates Team Funke from other real estate teams is that we believe a fair deal is also an affordable one.  Each deal is unique to it’s situation.  So, we are now making these once exclusive, lower-commission deals available to our clients.

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  1. This post REEKS….of excellent information! I know a big stinking pile of genius when I read it and boy, does this stink!
    Keep up the good work Team Funke.

    1. I’ll take that as a compliment?!?!

  2. Awesome that you are creating value for your clients – go TeamFunke!

    1. Appreciate the feedback! Yes, value is what we are creating, literally!

  3. We are considering selling our home in Campbell and will definitely be in touch.

    1. Sounds good! I grew up in Campbell. Homes are selling fast and for top dollar. Look forward to chatting with you more!

  4. My parents are retiring soon and are interested in down sizing and doing what they can to preserve and stretch their hard earned nest egg into their golden years. They are interested in relocating to a moderate climate. As you have knowledge of the bay area and central coast, can you help guide them in their new journey and get their Cupertino house on the market and perhaps into an affordable condo on or near the ocean?

    1. Hey! This sounds like a great transition to make. I personally keep “roots” in both the Bay Area and in San Luis Obispo because they are such a great compliment to one another. I HIGHLY recommend SLO County as a great place to retire.

      1. I can save your parents money when the list, in a place like Cupertino, I can save them thousands. Possibly tens of thousands.
      2. I can guide them into a terrific location on the Central Coast. Both my team and I are heavily active in both areas. I have some condo’s in mind that I’ll send to the email you’ve provided to get us started.

  5. Do you have experience dealing with assisted living? My mother needs to make the transition and would like to get her home in Saratoga sold. This is a delicate situation and requires special handling. Thanks in advance for your kindness and time.

    1. Lots of experience with assisted living. At one point I was a licensed administrator by the state of California to run and operate Assisted Living facilities. That being said, you have lots of options we can discuss. And if the need is urgent I can get the house listed and sold ASAP! – Also sent a private follow up email so we can chat offline.

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