You want a good deal when you sell your home, right?

You want a good deal when you sell your home, right?

You want a good deal when you sell your home, right?

Reading this could save you a few thousand dollars… or better yet, depending on your home’s value it may save you ten’s of thousands of dollars.

Brokerage Model

Industry-wide we see the same brokerage model driving this industry.  Large firms with independently owned franchises and territory sales rights.  At the top, the overall goal is to saturate the market with agents because: More agents=more deals.

Here’s the problem… this big corporate franchising also comes with a lots of internal policies.  Rules that limit the ability of these agents to grant you a great deal.

For this reason very few agents are allowed to offer a “discount.”  It’s not because they are bad people or harsh negotiators.  The reason is simple… they aren’t allow!


However, here is bit of knowledge to empower your search for the right value-proposition to sell your home:

All commissions are negotiable by law!  To understand both sides of this topic please check out another article I’ve written called: Imagine you are the broker.

Best interests at heart?

Let’s say you know a real estate professional and they can offer you a deal, would it be in their best interest to do so?  Honestly, from a selfish standpoint, probably not.

Simple logic says they’ll make more money if they don’t.  Remember this, the broker gets a percentage of the deal, the agent gets the other percentage, and in the end there is also a need for an agent to maintain a marketing budget.

Salespeople rely on the fact that you’re not licensed to buy and sell real estate.  We can certainly add tremendous value as professionals while getting you the best price for your home.  This is proven.

But rather than disclosing fully… A very popular real estate sales trainer suggests you say this to your clients when asked to discount during negotiations:

“Well, if I negotiated my commissions with you then I wouldn’t be a good negotiator FOR YOU when we find a deal… That’s what you want isn’t it?  A good negotiator?  You wouldn’t want me to compromise so easily.  Right?”

Well that just seems to me like a nice way of saying “NO.”  And even if they could… do you think they would cut their pay for you?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you’re not into brokers and agents taking a huge equity stake in the sale of your deal then please give us a call or write us an email… let’s see what we CAN negotiate!

My goal is to save you thousands and if I can I will do my best to structure our deals together in a way that everyone feels like is a winner!  Sound good to you?





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